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goats of race


Our cabin has 800 head of Murciano – Granadina goats , with unbeatable
quality and milking ease . Lack of reproductive seasonality, so there are focused clearly to obtain dairy products . It is a species characterized by its adaptability to the rustic environment and with ample grazing.

An automatic feeder feeds up to eight times a day , dividing by all dining facilities with varied and mixed top quality grain , in the cold seasons, fresh alfalfa and dry straw are complete their diet.


Our livestock is taken care of each animal from birth. Selected goats are transported to an aseptic enclosure and fed a nurse that simulates the mother, their natural diet has the necessary properties for a strong and healthy growth.

After 10 months They are fertilized by the selected stallions. After their first birth these females begin to produce our most precious milk . As producers, they are located in covered facilities and communicated with extensive outdoor parks.



A female in full milk production can make up to two liters a day .

Milking points have automatic berths. The milk goes directly through vacuum system, from udders of the animals to a refrigerated tank where passes from 35 degrees to a temperature 2-4 degrees , ensuring that there is no contamination.


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Calle Subida Ctra. Pedrones, 24, 46355 Requena, Valencia.

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