Cured cheese with a natural cortex and slightly mildewed, gray tone, firm and compact white paste . it has a soft and clean flavor which makes it specialized to enter the world of goat cheese . Taste very nice when you finish . If you eat the cortex which is eatable, it acquires a slight spiciness .

It has a great consistency and it´s all flavors , at the same time, it ´s nice finish taste can be spiced if you eat the outer layer which is eatable.




Soft cheese is made with pasteurized milk and enzymatic coagulation
produced by the action of rennet , it is made with cotton ,napkin format and aired for 2 weeks, with distinctive grayish outer layer made form mold.
Its paste is white, fine texture almost buttery , with few holes inside, unmistakable sign for cheese quality .

Countersunk delicious flavor, whentaste it ,we can almost say that goat milk is in our mouth, solid, even we could identify the diet that livestock had eaten , for that cereal flavor in the aftertaste thereof..



Fresh cheese, light texture , appetizing to the palate texture. Their paste is completely white and its flavor is mild.

Especially suitable for both children and adults. Great versatility in the kitchen, nutritious capacity.and ideal for low calorie diet.



Cheese cake is a rich homemade dessert made only with natural ingredients like eggs , cornmeal , sugar, and our delicious Cheese from Hoya de Iglesia.
Similar to a cake appearance, a spongy texture , creamy flavor and very appetizing to the palate .

A delicious way to finish our meals , or as a snack for children; Cheese cake is ideal for any occasion and combines with any fruit jam or honey.perfectly.



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